Requirements:Android 4.4+
Hill climb racing 2 is an online, thrilling 2D car racing game with vehicle, track, character customization, and an additional Cup Mode to test your mettle among other gamers globally.ThemesHill climb racing has thrilling adventure tracks you can try out. They include:CountrysideThis adventure track is set in the countryside and allows you to enjoy and explore traveling long distances. It does not require any ranking or coins to unlock.ForestDiscover the tranquility of a national forest using a race car with this adventure track. You need 40,000 coins to unlock and a wanderer 2nd class ranking.CityIt involves touring Bill’s best parts of the city with challenging barriers and leaps. To unlock, you need 120,000 coins and a wanderer 1st class ranking.MountainYou will have to face tricky ups and downs for the mountain theme. 300,000 coins and an explorer 2nd class ranking are needed to unlock this adventure track.Rustbucket reefEnjoy the Rustbucket Reef’s fascinating underwater depths. You need 350,000 coins, and an explore 1st class ranking to unlock.WinterBill explores driving in winter and overcomes the challenges along the way. For the winter theme, you require 400,00 and a trailblazer scout ranking.MinesExplore the mines to see what kinds of treasures are hidden within. To unlock, you need 500,000 coins and trailblazer 2nd class ranking.Desert valleyBill explores the sunny roads while overcoming different challenges along the way. It requires 600,000 coins and a trailblazer 1st class ranking to unlock.BeachThis adventure track is set on a beach background and requires 700,000 coins and a ranger scout ranking.Backwater bogBattle the Backwater Bog’s muddy hills, tear through the garbage, and avoid the alligators. It needs 800,000 coins and a ranger 2nd class ranking.Racer glacierDiscover the mystery of the historic Racer Glacier while battling the winds, avoiding geysers, staying away from the lava, and beware of dinosaurs. You need 800,000 coins and a ranger 1st class ranking to unlock.Other adventure tracks:Patchwork plantIt requires 800,00 coins and a vanguard scout ranking to unveil this adventure track.GloomvaleRequires 1M coins and a vanguard 2nd class ranking to unlock.Overspill fun rigRequires 1 M coins and a vanguard 1st class ranking to unlock.Characters and vehiclesThis fast-paced game spoils you with many characters, costumes, and vehicles. Some are free, and others require coins and chests to unveil. Your characters have different driver animations you can use to show off to your rivals. There are multiple hats your driver can use when racing. For vehicles, only one is free when you install the game, and others require coins and a certain ranking. There are also trucks, superbikes, low cars, and more vehicle options to choose from. You can also unlock vehicles by purchasing sporadically occurring special offers or packages from the shop. The special deals are for actual money and only apply to vehicles. You can customize your car with various wheels and paints; they are tools you can equip your car with.How to get coins and diamondsYou can get coins by collecting two types of unique bags. The first bag you can collect is for covering a distance as you explore new places on every map. The bags are found at intervals of 200 to 250 meters, and you only get the bag once, so you have to beat your previous distance covered. The other way you can get coins is when you first drive a new area on any map. You must gather vehicle-specific bags every 200 to 250 meters along the way; you can acquire these bags once each map and vehicle combination. Diamonds can be bought with real money or obtained through gameplay. You can also exchange diamonds for coins at the store.Game RankingsHill climb racing has 6 class rankings: wanderer, explorer, trailblazer, ranger, vanguard, and canyoneering. Each class has a scout, 2nd class, and 1st class rank except the canyoneering class. To get this ranking, you must gather a certain number of stars and unlock specific adventurer tracks. The main gameplay of hill climb racing involves driving to the finish line in time trials or driving as long as possible on different adventure tracks while ensuring you do not hit the driver’s head or run out of fuel.ControlsThe right pedal acts as the accelerator, propelling the vehicle ahead, and the left pedal serves as the brake, moving the vehicle backward or slowing down. The controls are different when the car is in the air. For instance, the right pedal will force your car’s nose to lift and revolve about its axis, possibly enabling you to perform a backflip. Alternatively, the left pedal will force the car’s rear to lift and spin around the central point, possibly enabling you to frontflip. The car will come to a stop if you simultaneously press both pedals.In some automobiles and tuning components, pressing both pedals simultaneously activate a different degree of performance. They include:Equipping thrusters in your car will let you fly using rocket thrustersUsing the moon lander vehicle will separate the moon lander’s primary pod from the wheels, leaving you in control of a flying machine.If you have jumping shocks, you can instantly jump a short distance. These can let you travel further without gas, especially with Landing Boost.The sled, doughnut, and snowboard vehicles can generate a little jump boost and are only accessible during the Christmas Event.You can set the tractor’s scoop to overhead, loose, and forward when you press both pedals.Simply pressing the gas pedal /both pedals will cause the snowmobile vehicle to slide quickly over a body of water. This technique enables you to travel at the Snowmobile’s top speed.Team playsA variety of game formats make up team competitions. To calculate your overall score, drive across the game formats in the permitted cars. The team competition lasts for two days, and it will give you a mile chest in five days. Mile chests hold uncommon, epic, and, based on the chest’s level, legendary tuning components. The chest becomes better as you travel more miles or kilometers. During a team event, only the designated cars may be used. For each game mode, carefully consider which one to employ.Depending on where they place on the leaderboard for the overall score, your team can earn 300 team event points. On the leaderboard, you and your team’s members are highlighted in yellow. Blue is used to represent the opposition team. To determine who earns the event points, your team will compete against another team chosen at random. Until the timer expires, you can try to raise your score, but keep in mind that your competitors can do the same. Depending on how many events points your team has accumulated, you will be given a reward when the allotted time has passed.